Our Team


Nola Komis

Founder, Director and Principal Instructor of A Touch of Salsa.


I have been dancing Salsa since 2002 and have been teaching since 2004. I have also studied many other dance styles including Bachata, Merengue, Lambada, Argentine Tango, Samba as well as Swing/Jive and Cha-Cha cha and even learned Ballroom. Lately you will see me 'dabbling' in Zouk and Kizomba!


In April 2006 I was given the opportunity to teach in the St George and Sutherland Shire and I knew I had to indulge my passion for dance.


My love of dancing has also led to performances at Conferences and many festivals and congresses in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as well as various other events and venues, which I find fun and quite challenging as well as extremely rewarding.


I love to choreograph routines and have choreographed (or co-choreographed) most routines performed by students at A Touch of Salsa Christmas parties since 2006 and at Festivals and Congresses where we have performed.


I was part of the Bachata team which came 3rd in the Australian Bachata Championship teams division in October 2011 (A Touch of Salsa's first ever competition!). Performed at the Sydney International Bachata Festival in 2011 and in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 taught workshops. I attended and performed (along with my team) at the 3rd Athens Salsa Festival in March 2012 in Athens, Greece, where I also taught two workshops and judged the World Latin Cup Qualifiers. This was an amazing experience. I have since been to Athens in 2013 and 2014.  I also attended and taught at the Geneva Afro Latin Congress in 2014.


In August 2010 I gained accreditation as a (ZIN) Zumba Instructor in Australia.



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Alberto Torres-Perez

Alberto has been teaching with A Touch of Salsa for 3 years now.


Alberto recently moved to Australia from Spain and has over 15 years experience in training and teaching in Latin dance styles. Cuban Salsa, LA Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, and Cuban Rolls are just a few styles that Alberto loves to teach


Alberto performed with A Touch of Salsa at the Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress; performed at the NZ Bachata Festival and competed at the International Salsa Solos Competition in 2012 in Brisbane and continues to perform and compete on a national and international level.  Alberto also teaches with Nola Komis at varies congresses and Festivals in Australia and overseas.


Passionate about dance and music, Alberto has also trained in funk and contemporary. Alberto always has a great time in his classes, motivating people to dance and enjoy the music and movement.


Alberto has a Master’s Degree in Physical Activities and Sports and with his infectious smile and fun personality you are set to have a great night!



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 Peter Wright

We welcome our newest Team Member, Peter Wright to A Touch of Salsa.  Peter is our Zouk Instructor and one of the best in the industry.  He absolutely loves and is obsessed with everything Zouk and has been taught by some of the world's best!


You will see Peter teaching our Zouk program on a Tuesday night.


Peter also enjoys Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.

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Monica Leite

We are delighted and excited to welcome one of the best female Zoukers in the country to A Touch of Salsa.  Monica will be teaching our Zouk program along with Peter Wright every Tuesday night at our Studios.

Monica has been dancing since the early 90's. She learnt different styles of social dance in Brazil before discovering the magical world of Zouk and since then it has been her favourite special dance.


She loves the feeling of freedom, the incredible versatility and beauty of this dance. She moved to Australia in 2002 and started teaching in 2005 being one of the people responsible for introducing Brazilian Zouk to Sydney.


Monica's focus and passion has always been the social dance floor where the possibilities of improvisation, playfulness and connection are endless and always a surprise.


She also enjoys trying different dance styles such as WCS, Salsa and Bachata.


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Arnaud Theophile

Arni has been with a Touch of Salsa for over 7 years now. Teaching one night a week and filling in when required at other nights during the week... He loves his Cuban Salsa and Salsa in general.  But is also a wiz at Bachata.


He enjoys his shines and always jumps at the chance to 'show off' on the floor. 


He started dancing at a very young age and impersonating Michael Jackson (who didn't?) and now incorprates some of those moves into his Salsa and shines styles.


You will see Arni at the Studio Thursday night teaching our Salsa Beginners/Cuban Rueda and Salsa Improvers.


Arni was part of the Bachata team which came third at the Australian Bachata Championships in 2012, performed at the Sydney Latin Festival in 2013 and many more...



Our Kizomba Instructors Bios on the way


Sunny Wo & Heidi Anastasia who teach our Zouk program - bios on the way 
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Mohini Eswaran

Mohini has been with A Touch of Salsa for several years now.  First as a student and now as a trainee instructor.  Mohini loves her Salsa and Bachata and is also enjoying Zouk too.  She has a West Coast Swing background and has been known to 'fill in' during WCS classes and also help out where and when needed.


Mohini has also performed and assisted in choreography in the Student RUEDA team that performed at our Christmas party in 2014 and part of several student performances at events and festivals in 2015.




Natalia Eeasdale-Watts

We welcome Natalia as our Receptionist. Natalia has been with A Touch of Salsa on and off for about 7 years.  She has performed with us in our Student Salsa Teams along with some of our Ladies choroegraphies. 


You will also find Natalia on the dance floor helping out. So don't hesitate to ask her any questions.


A mum and addicted to dance like we all are, she is always dancing around at the studio, even when there is no music playing.  Always a smile on her face and always excited to help.