About Us

At A Touch of Salsa we are all about providing a fun environment and to get you dance floor ready so that you can enjoy your dancing experience.

We are addicted to getting your on the dance floor and excited to teach you the incredible art of dancing!

Do you have that feeling that you'll be the only one who doesn't know how to dance? Well, you won't! As you'll find once you arrive at the Studio, you'll see whole lot of new people just like you wanting to learn and experience this thing called dance! 

We love what we do. So you'll find learning with us doable. You just need to bring your two left feet and we'll take it from there! You'll meet some new people, make new friends and of course learn something new.

We rotate partners all through each session. If you do book in with a partner and you do wish to stay together, that's ok too. Or if you'd like to rotate too, then that's fantastic, as we highly recommend this.  You don't need any experience to attend our beginner dance classes. You just need enthusiasm and you'll see you'll have heaps of fun!

We love seeing the look on everyone's face when it all starts to come together, usually around the 3rd week. Sometimes before!  

So what are you waiting for?  Book a class NOW!