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Regular pricing from 5 November 2018


All Program Costs - Kogarah Studio (6 week programs)


$110 per person  - Any ONE program 

$175 per person - Any TWO programs 

$175 per couple - Any ONE program 

$70 per person - Any additional program 


Memberships - Dance More / Save More!


$120 per person  - 6 weeks of UNLIMITED BEGINNER classes - NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY

$210 per person - 6 weeks of UNLIMITED classes - EXISTING STUDENTS $35 per week


Casual Dance Classes

$25 per person - Any ONE casual dance class - in studio payment only

$45 per person - Any TWO casual dance classes - in studio payment only

$45 per couple - Any ONE casual dance class - in studio payment only


$120 per person - 6 class Flexi-pass.  Valid for one term - 6 weeks in studio only.

$220 per person - 10 class Dance pass. Receive 11th class FREE valid 16 weeks







All program costs - BONDI BEACH

$95 per person - Any ONE beginner program

$160 per person - Any TWO beginner programs

$50 any ONE add on program


Special - $85 unlimited programs - new customers only



Casual Rates - BONDI BEACH

$20 per person - Any ONE casual class

$35 per person - Any TWO casual classes



How to Prepay for Classes

Paypal or EFT are the two best ways to pay for classes or even in class, prior to or on Week 1 or Week 2 only. See carts below to pay via PayPal.


Note: Due to a change in some government regulations, a small percentage will be charged for using PayPal. This will be shown as "postage and handling" or "shipping". No excess percentage will incur if paid by EFT.


To pay by EFT:

Account Name: A Touch of Salsa

BSB: 732 197

A/c:  629 665

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Dance Styles

Salsa:  Is a couples dance and one of THE best styles of dance to learn in the World.  It is easy to learn and you will be able to dance on any Latin dance floor anywhere in the world. We teach Salsa on 1, along with Cuban Salsa. 


Brazilian Zouk:  Is also a couples dance. Originating from Brazil. It involves a lot of body movement and is considered one of the most sensual dances you can do.  It started out as Lambada, but has since evolved with long flowing movements, slower music and utilises a lot of turns and styling movements.


Bachata:  Originally from the Dominican Republic (same as Merengue).  Bachata has a variety of different styles and you will find us teaching them all... You have Dominican, Moderna, Urban and Bachatango.  Bachata is more popular than Salsa on some dance floors.  It is a little easier to learn as you actually use all the beats to the music.  It involves sensual hip movements and is lots of fun!


Rueda:  Rueda is Cuban Salsa danced in a circle with a caller!  You will hear things like "Dile Que No", "Abrasame", "Dame" and more... This course is open to everyone, but you will need to at least have Salsa basics under your belt to start with so that it all makes sense!


Kizomba: Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance originating in Angola. Kizomba is characterised by a slower and more sensual dance movement and music.


Monday Salsa Night
Kizomba and Zouk
Wednesday Bachata
Thursday Salsa
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