Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Partner?

A question I am always asked. No, you do not need to bring a partner. We make sure that everyone is on the dance floor. We rotate partners at all times, so you get to dance and experience different leads and styling. But why not come with friends or even your partner? Its a great way to spend a little quality time with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife doing something you both enjoy. You can even bring your children along, provided they are over 18 years of age, as the Club rules do not allow children under 18 to enter the club.

What Should I Wear to Class?

As we aren’t a gym, you are not required to wear gym wear. What you wear though is up to you, although we do encourage comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movement on the floor. Some people do come to class straight from work, while others wear jeans or casual clothing. You will get warm when you are dancing, so wear coolish clothes so you don’t overheat! Ladies, its always nice to wear a skirt or a dress when dancing Latin/Salsa. Its very feminine and you will really get the feel of the dance. But again the decision is yours. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable.

What Shoes are best?

Fellas: No joggers or thongs please! Besides being against club rules, it is best to wear enclosed shoes to protect your feet on the floor, so try and wear smooth soles, preferably leather. Avoid rubber soles that will grip the floor and won’t allow for those great Salsa spins!

Ladies: The same applies really, no thongs or joggers, as Club rules won’t permit thongs. But it is really important for ladies to have a smooth sole to help with turns and spins and general dancing. You should not wear anything that will restrict your movement on the floor – such as joggers as they grip. It is also encouraged to have some heel support when dancing, with a strap securing your shoe around your ankle. This will prevent twists and sprains from falling off your shoe. A small heel is recommended to help with your balance, try and avoid completely flat shoes.


Terms and Conditions

  • All programs are to be purchased at Week 1, Week 2 or Week 3 of the "term" either by EFT or at the studio in cash or credit card (fees apply).
  • No refunds issued once any program has been purchased.  Transfers to another program or another series are available prior to the commencement of a program.
  • No refunds are available once the program has commenced.  This includes, private lessons paid up front, performance courses, competition specialty courses, workshops, class programs, etc. Transfers to another program or another series are available at Week 1 or Week 2 if a program can't be completed due to medical reasons. An administration fee of $20 will apply for the transfer to programs from Week 2 to another term.
  • A purchaser MUST pay to attend ALL classes as conducted by A Touch of Salsa.
  •  Any discounts will only be applied by prior consultation with the Directors.
  • No make up or catch up classes are available outside the current term of payment.
  • Any gift certificates purchased or won cannot be applied to speciality courses, like performance courses or competition courses.
  •  In the event that a program cannot be completed, it will be deemed as forfeited. Vouchers/membership cards/class cards are NOT transferable to the next term. If there is any medical reason for not being able to complete the course, a medical certificate must be shown.  Consideration may be given depending on the circumstances of the medical condition.
  •  Transfers to other programs within the current series and within the first three weeks is possible, after discussion with the Director.
  • Transfers to other people are not allowable. If you are unable to attend a class, you cannot ask a friend to come along and take the class in your place.  This class is considered forfeited or another class can be taken in its place within the term of use.
  •  If a program is deferred.  Another program will be provided which is equivalent to that original program.
  •  If a program is cancelled and an equivalent program cannot be arranged, a voucher for any remaining classes will be offered for use in any of the other programs as offered by A Touch of Salsa. No refunds will be issued.
  • If an instructor is ill or is away, another instructor will be provided to conduct the program/class.  If another instructor cannot be provided, notification will be made to each person taking that class or program, either by SMS, on social media or in the studio and an amount equivalent to that class will be offered toward a future program or class.
  • The term is inclusive of Public Holidays.  In case of a public holiday where classes are not taught, an equivalent class will be offered in that same term or an offer of students to 'taste test' any other class during that particular term.  No refunds are offered for that class.
  • A loss or misplacement of class cards will incur a fee of $15 per person.  If the card is not found, A Touch of Salsa will need to issue another card.  If the card is located and brought to the studio, the $15 will be refunded.  This only applies if the class card is found and returned within the current series of purchased classes.
  • All 'students' attending classes at A Touch of Salsa are to ensure quality behaviour within the class environement.  If it is deemed by the Director of A Touch of Salsa that a student/s is breaching the code of conduct, then the student will be asked to leave with no refunds or vouchers available to that particular student.
  • Everyone attending classes at A Touch of Salsa is to be aware of their surroundings.  Goods left behind or left unattended are NOT the responsibility of A Touch of Salsa or its Director.
  • "Unlimited" programs are only limited by the amount of times/days a purchaser can attend classes. 
  • Reasonable consideration needs to be given when signing up for these programs.
  • All programs are conducted at A Touch of Salsa Dance Studios at Kogarah with sub venues available at certain times of the year.
  • By attending our Studio or any sub venue, you agree that A Touch of Salsa is not responsible for loss or injury during our classes in or near our studio.  You are responsible for ensuring you are physically and medically fit to participate in our classes.
  • By attending our Studio or any sub-venue and purchasing to attend a class or a program, you agree to any photos or footage being taken for use within A Touch of Salsa on social media and in advertising classes/programs.  A Touch of Salsa will not 'tag' you on its Facebook page. However, any footage taken of the class/program will be placed on its page/s where it is deemed appropriate due to advertising.
  • By attending our studio or any sub-venue and purchasing to attend a class or program you agree to your photo being taken for advertising and marketing purchases.  A Touch of Salsa will not 'tag' you in any photos it places on social media. Or if it does, you are at liberty to remove the tag if it is deemed in appropriate or if you wish for yourself not to be placed on advertising material.
  • All students attending our classes are permitted to take footage of steps learned.  However, permission needs to be given by A Touch of Salsa Directors prior to any footage appearing on You Tube or any other media site.
  • The use of illicit drugs, recreational or drug induced behaviour will not be tolerated at A Touch of Salsa either within the studio or when travelling as a team or a group of people to perform, compete, attend and represent the school either interstate, intrastate or interationally.
  • The excessive use of alcohol of any sort will not be accepted at A Touch of Salsa and anyone seen as showing signs of alcohol induced behaviour will be asked to leave the studio or where A Touch of Salsa is represented with no refunds being issued.
  • The Directors of A Touch of Salsa have final say.


 Privacy Policy

We pledge that any information shared to us by our students will never be sold to any outside entity or shared with a third party.


We may from time to time use your email address or your mobile phone number to send you reminders, changes in classes, special offers or special events coming up.


If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletters, SMS's or social media notifications or invitations, your name and personal information will be taken off our database.  For more information on our privacy policy contact the Director or A Touch of Salsa on +61 (0) 414 229966.