AND we can partner dance from Wednesday 1 July 2020

Following my meeting with the NSW Sports Minister, the Chief of Staff and a 'drop in' by the NSW Premier, I managed to get confirmation that from Wednesday 1 July, we will be finally be able to partner dance, rotate partners, start training teams for performances & competition and have small parties at the studio! 

This is just so exciting and means that EVERYONE who was dancing with us in Term 2 and had bought classes for Term 3, can now return and dance with us. 

Bookings are Essential!

Yes, everyone MUST pre-book before attending ANY class. This is to ensure we maintain the small numbers in each class per NSW Health regulations. Check out our updated timetable below and book in for the classes you wish to attend from Wednesday 1 July.  Don't delay! No drop ins permitted at this time.

Once you book in, you will be on our list for the entire four weeks, till Thursday 23 July 2020. We do have some wiggle room of course, as some classes won't max out. But if you would like to attend any other classes, other than those you have booked, just SMS me and if there's room, I can book you in.

Health & Safety

Remember, if you are feeling unwell, stay home and rest. We all really want to get back to dancing, but our health and the health of our families are more important. So stay home if you are not well. If you are pre-booked for a particular class, please SMS me so that I can allocate your spot to someone else who may be on our waiting list. 

We do still need to abide by NSW Health regulations and ensure we have enough room in the studio for everyone and of course for contact tracing. 

REMINDER... All Current Passes Will Expire 23rd July

Your passes will expire on Thursday 23rd July, so you MUST use them this term.  I cannot extend these passes at all. We have been advised by NSW Government and Services NSW that all obligations must be met at this time for all pass holders.

Although ATOS has been hard hit during this time, our loyalty is with our students. We want to fulfil our obligations to you all and honour your passes you have paid for.  

Credits:  Do you have a credit with us other than your pass?  That's all still valid and available for you.  Contact me for information about this.

Our Current Members... More good news!

As my way of saying thank you for your continued support during this time. Everyone's pass is now valid for UNLIMITED classes until Thursday 23 July. Even if you bought just one class per week! Why? Because I want to! There is a slight however... if you are a beginner dancer, please ensure you stick to our beginner classes only. If you are an intermediate & advance dancer, you are welcome to attend beginner classes as well, just make sure you book in!


  • Check out the updated timetable below
  • Note which classes you want to do
  • SMS me on 0414 229966 to book in  - for contact tracing purposes
  • Receive confirmation from me
  • If the class is full, you will be notified of an alternative class

Updated timetable

Below is our updated timetable.  Take a good look and SMS Nola on 0414 229966 to book in your classes or see me at the studio!  ALL CLASSES MUST BE BOOKED IN! NO DROP INS

Couples Night:

I have scheduled in a Couples Night for Tuesday nights.  If you would like some extra practice, extra attention and to be able to learn a lot quicker, book in and dance on Tuesdays as well.  For this night to go ahead, we need a minimum of four couples.  SO book in. No extra charge!  Otherwise, ALL couples can attend our regular classes and either dance together OR rotate within the class.

Advanced Dancers

For our advanced dancers, we have Advanced Salsa on Mondays which will include Shines and partner work and Advance Bachata on Wednesday nights.  If we have more than the required amount of people booking in, we will add another advance class on Thursday nights. This class will be dependent on the requests.

Haven't Danced With Us In A While?

We'd love to see you back. Its the perfect opportunity now to come along and dance with us for the four weeks from 1 July to 23 July. We have some great deals available for you. An unlimited dance pass is only $150 per person or $180 per couple; Single 4 week course is only $75 or dance as a couple for $130. Lots happening... Its all about numbers though, so you do need to PRE-BOOK your classes as we can't accept drop ins at all this term. Go to the "Book a Class" tab and book in.  Then send me an SMS to 0414 229966 and let me know what class/es you wish to attend.

NB: Subject to change as restrictions ease

Its Party Time: Friday 24 July from 7.30pm

We are going to party because we can!  HAHA!  So make sure you note this in your calendars.  We can't have any more than 40 people in the studio at this time, so numbers will be limited.  Want to party with us? Book your place NOW. Its going to be a fun night. Trivia, prizes to be won, let's dance rueda, shines challenges and more... Tickets only $15 per person. All tickets MUST be pre-purchased to ensure we adhere to NSW Government guidelines.  You can buy at the studio too.

Note:  We cannot accept any outsiders or non members of A Touch of Salsa into our party at this time. Only current students.  This is extremely important for contact tracing.

Here's what you can expect at the studio:

  • Hand sanitiser for you to use on entry, during classes and on your way out of the studio
  • Wash hand regularly
  • Markings on the floor to help with keeping numbers down to the NSW Health requirements
  • Shorter classes (45 minutes) to allow us to clean the studio after each class
  • On arrival, you will be asked to confirm your identity for our record keeping
  • Designated waiting areas for people arriving early or in between classes
  • All classes MUST be pre-booked.
  • No drop in classes will be available at this time

IMPORTANT... You do need to PRE-BOOK

For contact tracing which is a NSW Health requirement, you MUST pre-book. No drop ins. As we do need to comply with NSW Health relating to numbers in a class, you don't want to miss out on your favourite class/es.

What happens if you don't attend a class you have booked...

It means that someone else will miss out!  Plus you will forfeit your pass for the week. We can't offer make up classes outside this term. All current passes will expire 23rd July 2020.


  • We are COVIDsafe environment at the Studio having registered and obtained our 'red tick'
  • There will be no temperature checks carried out.
  • Stay home if you feel unwell, even if you just feel yuck.
  • Ensuring the safety of our staff and other dancers is vital to everyone. We don't want to have issues and we don't want to compromise our families
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for everyone in all classes
  • Wash your hands during a break in class
  • If you feel you need to, you can bring a mask to wear. Although we have been told by NSW Health that this is not necessary.

Let's have some fun; let's get out of the house; let's keep dancing and let's keep learning.

Remember you will NOT be able to just drop in!

Any questions, please ask... happy to assist where I can. 

Nola Komis


Sharing our Passion for Dance since 2006


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