The Federal Government has deemed dancing as ESSENTIAL for our mental health and physicality.

Its all about keeping up with some sort of fitness and providing something stable in our lives at the moment to alleviate the boredom of isolation and being away from family and friends.

This is where you need to be

Our online classes are going really well. This is something totally different and something we have come to embrace as the new temporary norm, albeit with some bloopers along the way!

It looks like we will be in this situation for at least another 6 weeks.  So we will continue with our online LIVE streamed courses until we are given the go ahead to return to the studio... hopefully soon!

With dancing (as with anything), we all know its the consistency that makes the difference. Keep learning, keep having fun!

Great comments & reviews!

We have received so many comments about our online classes so far, including

  • such dedication, I love it;
  • great content
  • great laughs and wonderful to see all the instructors online
  • love how expertly these classes are being taught
  • teachers know what they are talking about
  • I can't believe I'm actually able to follow and learn online
  • hard working instructors, never seen this before
  • online is great because I can watch later and practice more
  • online is fab. I can dance in my pjs and socks!

Our classes are being run through Facebook Live on a dedicated private Group just for us! You can see us, you can comment, you can ask questions, but we can't see you... not sure if that's a good thing or not! 

We'd love you to be part of our online family and learn to dance from home!

Our new online programs will commence from Monday 27th April to Sunday 31st May and will include a BONUS week to Friday 6th June (six weeks).   We will go from there afterwards. Here's what's on offer...

Absolute Beginner/Beginner Dancers - Our Freshman's Pass

  • Unlimited absolute beginner/beginner classes per membership
  • Salsa, Bachata Live streamed
  • Playback classes, zouk, specialty courses
  • dedicated private Facebook page
  • classes expertly taught & explained by internationally renowned instructors
  • fundamental footwork, body movement and some partner work
  • passes valid ONLY for ONLINE classes
  • upgrades available - at extra cost

Open/Intermediate/Advance Dancers - Dance Unlimited Pass

  • Unlimited classes per membership
  • valid for all classes
  • salsa, bachata, zouk, reggaeton, kizomba, meditation, cardio fitness, body movements, body isolations, shines, challenges, specialty classes and more
  • classes expertly taught & explained by internationally renowned instructors
  • Playback Fridays and the weekend
  • Challenges each week
  • Some partner work
  • Classes conducted LIVE on a private Facebook group each Monday to Thursday


Dance Unlimited - Open/Intermediate/Advance Dancers pass:

One-week trial = $25 per household using one device

Five week pass = $95 per household using one device

BONUS: one week free if the five week pass is purchased for the week to 6th June 2020.

The Freshman's Pass - Absolute Beginner/Beginner class pass:

One-week trial = $20 per household using one device

Five week pass = $75 per household using one device

BONUS: one week free if five week pass is purchased for the week to 6th June 2020

Our Ts and C's:

  • No refunds once you have commenced
  • no refunds for change of mind
  • footage from all classes cannot be copied and shared with friends outside of our private group

Book HERE:

Dance Unlimited Pass: Open/Intermediate & Advance Dancers -

The Freshman's Pass: Absolute beginner/Beginner Dancers -

What happens once you Subscribe

Once payment has been made, I will send you a link via SMS inviting you to connect to our Private Facebook Group. No contracts. No daily log in needed. No passwords required. Just turn on your notifications to our group and be sure to be ready in front of your PC, TV or any device and enjoy dancing with us.

Let's do this...


To ALL our current (Term 2) Students: EXCLUSIVE OFFER

To all our students who are currently online with us on our Private Members' Page you have been amazingly supportive and have loved your interaction with us during this time. I am offering an exclusive offer & discount to be part of our new courses starting 27th April. $50 off the Five Week Dance Unlimited Pass. Which means you will only pay $45 for the five week pass.  This includes the BONUS week to 6th June.

Here is the link to purchase to keep enjoying the live streamed classes we are bringing to you each night:

To all our current students who have not been online with us but are enrolled in Term 2 (from 2nd March) prior to COVID-19, I am offering the same exclusive discount for you to be part of our online courses starting 27th April 2020. $50 off the Five-Week Dance Unlimited Pass. This includes the BONUS week to 6th June. Which means you will only pay $45 for the six weeks of unlimited online classes.  This offer is only valid to our current Term 2 students and who purchase the Dance Unlimited pass.  Here is the link:

To obtain this discount, apply the code ONLINE 50 at checkout. 

FYI... for our current members

To all our current Term 2 students, your memberships are all still current and will be unlocked where we left off once we return to the Studio AND if by any chance we return to the studio prior to 6th June, any credits remaining from your online classes can be applied towards your current memberships for those who purchase the Dance Unlimited Pass.

Why am I keeping these fees ridiculously low?  Well... I do want everyone to keep dancing. Times are difficult. Some have lost jobs, some have had hours cut back, some are working from home. Its tough. But it is very important that we keep moving and trying to keep things as normal as we can! My instructors are putting in a lot of hours and working very hard to make our online content viable and exciting for everyone.

But why do I have to pay, when I already have my Membership?

As much as I would like to offer these programs at no cost, I do need to add a small subscription to ensure the current and long term viability of A Touch of Salsa and to ensure I retain my instructors as best I can. I know everyone understands the situation we are all in and as a small business, its tough out there! I have now been operating for 14 years. I'd like another 14 please?

I'm experiencing hardship at the moment

If you are experience severe hardship at the present time. Please contact me on 0414229966 and I'll be happy to work out a payment plan for you to ensure you keep dancing.

I have pre-paid for Term 3 - starting 27th April

I know some of you have already prepaid for our term 3 for face to face classes at our studio. Your passes are also FROZEN at this time and will be unlocked once we return to the studio.

In the meantime, why not be part of our private Facebook Group and start learning with us? Purchase a supplement/subscription for a pass that suits you and dance with us. You will also receive the $50 off any unlimited pass you purchase.   

So... what are you waiting for? We'd love to see you online with us!

Any questions, please contact me.

Nola Komis


Sharing our Passion for Dance since 2006


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