Which team will you be part of? 

Our Performance Courses will commence - 16 September 2019

Take your dancing to the next level

You'll love it!

This is an experience of a lifetime! Learn a choreography which will both challenge you and make you a better dancer. Dedicated weekly training sessions.  12-16 hours of training. World class instructors. Costumes, dance shoes, bling and fun times.  PLUS lots of performance opportunities not only at our studio parties, but at external events and festivals Australia wide and maybe even overseas!

You will be an integral part of a team that will create something amazing to be performed at our end of year party on Sunday 15 December 2019.

Take a moment.  Check out what's on offer. Select which team would best suit you.   

Courses are open to ALL. You will learn everything you need.  
12 weeks of training /1.5 hours each session.
2 min choreography to learn and train
Develop your style, technique, speed and have heaps of fun too!
All will be perfected and ready to perform on Sunday 15 December 2019

You will experience the benefits of precision focused training
work as a team on a project
make friends and memories to last you a lifetime!

Here's what's on offer:

Student Salsa team: Catered to Intermediate & above dancers. Brand new routine.  Choreographers Nola & Alberto. This one is ALMOST FULL!  One boy and one girl needed to fill this team!

Rueda/Cuban Salsa: Open to ALL (min requirement Intermediate salsa) - Choreographer - Arni

Kizomba and Zouk:  For the first time we are offering Kizomba and Zouk choreographies. You will need to have done or be doing Kizomba or Zouk classes and have at least a min of 6-12 weeks knowledge. Choreographers are Chris and Amanda (Kizomba) and Sunny and Heidi/Em (Zouk).  Zouk team is filling fast. Get in there and book in! 

The costs!

$250 per person. All costs include all training sessions, entry into our end of year party. Plus discounted regular classes for Terms 6 and 7 of 2019.  

More than one Choreography? 2nd team is only $150 per person.  Dancing as a couple? See us at the studio. Special discounts apply for those dancing as a couple.

Do the maths... Its just $20.00 per week for those doing one choreography!

AND REMEMBER... it can ALL be paid off.  There is an initial $100 deposit to start.

CHECK THIS OUT:  the first 15 people to sign for a choreography course, will receive their regular classes for Terms 6 and 7 at 50% off

So where do you sign? You need to put your name down and pay an initial fee of $100 to start.  Then once we start you can pay the whole thing off then OR pay installments of $20 or $50 each time you train.  Its that simple!  Dance costumes and shoes are on top of this cost. 


Contact Nola on 0414 229966 or via email at 

and book your spot.  YOU WILL LOVE IT!

End of Year Party:

Our Christmas Party will be held on SUNDAY 15 DECEMBER 2019 from 5pm-10pm

For more information please contact Nola on 0414 229966 or email at